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   The main is the group of the cold coiled springs. There is ability for the production of almost the whole range of models, quantities and sizes of steel wires according to DIN 17223/1,2 and DIN 17224, resp. EN 10270 -1; EN 10270 -2 and EN 10270 -3. Annually here are produced over 3000 types of springs for all industrial branches, including all types of springs for the military industry. The following types of coatings are applied: electrolytic zinc coating, cadmium coating, chemical oxidation, phosphate varnish coating by dipping and spraying. For the production of cold coiled springs are used automatic machines "Wafios" - Germany, "Schenker" - Switzerland, "Toss" - Czech Republic, etc. The mechanical laboratory of the factory is equipped with machines for measuring of spring forces: pressure from 0,1 kg to 50 tons, extension from 0,1 kg to 10 tons and torsion from 10 N/mm to 2000 N/mm.





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